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It doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur, business owner or network marketer, a sales professional or negotiator, an executive, manager or leader, a professional speaker, aspiring speaker, author or frankly a parent… 

  • If you’re pitching an idea… 
  • Attempting to close a sale… 
  • Leading and inspiring your team - and struggling to have them ‘get it’...
  • Looking to advance your career, and feel as if the results you produce when communicating with others is limiting you…
  • Have a terrible fear of speaking, even to small groups
  • Find yourself limiting your business opportunities by avoiding presentations or public speaking
  • Struggling to make your presentations truly engaging, and land positive feedback and sales. 
  • Or plunging in headfirst and struggling to communicate powerfully when you really do have something of value to say (and walking away kicking yourself).
  • Or finally, you know there is more you are capable of, you know there is a message you have for the world and yet you can’t quite tap it…

On this online Masterclass you will also...

Get to hear from 3 Graduates of the Powerful Presentations & You program, about the massive impact 'Crack the Communications Code' method had on their lives - personally and professionally...

Be inspired by Kerry Zurier, Global Transformational Leader, Money & You Instructor, Entrepreneur, Master Coach and Communication & Leadership Expert, and Andrew Barron, Entrepreneur, Money & You® and Creating Wealth & You Instructor, who will share from their personal experiences while providing you with new perspectives on how you present yourself in the world, making informal or formal presentations, communicating and influencing… all so you can do the same in whatever arena matters to you.

Hear new perspectives and ideas on how to pinpoint and breakthrough anything stopping you from communicating authentically and with clarity, so it's received as intended.

Discover how the 'Crack the Communication Code' method takes you to a whole new level of mastery to present authentically, one-on-one or in or large groups for maximum influence and impact.

Get ready for an eye-opening Masterclass, guaranteed to shift your thinking of what's possible for you in 2021 and beyond.

I'm so excited to share this masterclass with you.

Ryll Burgin-Doyle
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Crack the Communication Code

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